We work with youth, staff, and communities from all walks of life. Every one of them has a story worth sharing.

Meet Mike Nelson

He supports Camp Fire through marshmallows.

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Meet the Architects

We sat down with the architects behind Tanadoona's new Community & Dining Center to talk about the building, their inspiration, and the design process. Here's what they had to say.

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Meet the Counselors-in-Training

Part counselor, part camper, our Counselors-in-Training are valuable leaders in the Tanadoona community.

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An Outdoor Classroom

Take an inside look at our Field Trip program!

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Meet Nature Katy

As Camp Fire Minnesota's resident Naturalist, Katy brings her passion for the natural world to each of our programs.

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They Met at Camp

Camp is a place where someone found their best friend or connected with someone they might never have met otherwise. Just ask Dave and Sandy Kvamme.

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A Family Matter

Meet Dezzie, Trianna, and Luchianna. Each share a unique connection to Camp Fire.

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