Earth Week Round-Up

We rounded up a few of our favorite My Nature Connection lessons to help you make every day Earth Day!

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To celebrate Earth Week, we revisited some of our favorite naturalist lessons on topics related to restoring the world’s natural ecosystems. Bring these lessons into your home with My Nature Connection, our ever-growing library of online nature activities for families and classrooms.


1. Sustainability

Adding sustainable living practices to our daily lives is a great way to help restore our earth! Our naturalists taught a memorable lesson on sustainability, what it means, and things we can do to lead more sustainable lives.

My Nature Connection lesson: Sustainability


2. Composting

Composting is a great way to restore our earth by recycling the organic waste we create at home! When we compost this organic waste we can keep it out of landfills while turning it into valuable nutrients for gardening, horticulture, and agriculture.Composting also improves soil health, lessens erosions, conserves water and reduces personal food waste!

My Nature Connection Lesson: Composting 101

3. Urban Agriculture

Community gardens promote access to good nutrition, improve the ecological systems of the city, encourage active and healthy living, and provide spaces for community building, food production, and beauty in our daily lives. Learn more about community gardens in our area and map out your own garden in the My Nature Connection lesson below!

My Nature Connection lesson: Urban Agriculture (Community Gardens)


4. Climate Change

Climate change is caused by the burning of fossil fuels which releases carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air. When there is more CO2 in the atmosphere it causes global temperatures to rise. Higher global temperatures impact weather, and plant and animal communities. Learn how climate change works and what we can do below!

My Nature Connection lesson: Climate Change & Activism


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