Build confidence and gain experience.

Discover your personal leadership style, and put it into action! Our Leadership Program progresses with campers through their teens – from Day Camp Assistant to Counselor in Training to Junior Counselor. Each level of this program includes team-building activities, training and hands-on experience working with and leading younger campers. During the school year, teens continue to meet monthly leading service projects and building leaderships skills.


Tanadoona Outdoor Leaders (January – May and September – December)

Meet during the school year to participate in leadership development and team-building activities. Teens co-create and lead service projects to build confidence and gain experience. Learn more & register.


Day Camp Assistant (DCA)

This one-week training offers a bold step for teens looking to grow their leadership skills. DCAs spend the first part of the week in team-building and interactive leadership training with lead camp staff – including first-aid, behavior management, specialty programming and more. During the second part of the week, DCAs partner with Tanadoona counselors assisting Day Camp groups in daily activities. DCAs stay overnight on Thursday helping with Thursday Overnight campers.

Offered twice:

  • Week 2: June 15 – 19, 2020
  • Week 6: July 13 – 17, 2020

Cost: $350 | Ages: 14


Counselor in Training (CIT)

Become a great leader and future camp counselor! This 2-summer progression prepares you to both work with campers and to run activity areas. Tanadoona has fantastic counselors and this is your chance to learn from the best! This is a two-week training; CITs will spend their nights at camp and return home during the weekend. Applicants do not need to have completed DCA to be eligible for CIT; however, it is recommended. We recommend two summers of CIT to move onto Junior Counselor to continue practicing your leadership skills and style.

  • First Week: Work with and learn from lead staff about the various areas of camp, including health and wellness, leadership and team-building, activity planning, promoting positive behavior and more. This week is full of fun, team-building, and interactive learning!
  • Second Week: Now’s your chance to put everything you learned to use. You’ll work side-by-side with a Tanadoona counselor, implementing and leading a group of Resident Camp or Day Camp campers! 2nd- year CITs may have the chance to shadow an activity specialist, rather than a general counselor.

Application Process: Camper completes the application linked below. Upon application, we’ll follow-up to register your CIT.

Two-week Program: Weeks 8-9: July 26 – 31 and August 2 – 7

Cost: $750 | Ages: 15-16



Junior Counselors (JC)

JCs help in all aspects of camp… and have a blast! If you completed the CIT program in the past or have other applicable experience, join us this year as an outstanding example for our next generation of campers.

Gain the skills to get the job! JC responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with and support camp counselors and program specialists (1 of your 3 weeks will be spent with a program specialist to build specific skills!)
  • Assist in planning, creating, and implementing camp activities.
  • Help families check-in and check-out.
  • Assist leading all-camp games and activities.

JCs spend the week overnight like a counselor, then return home each weekend. Apply for any 3-week block to start. Additional weeks may be available by invitation.

  • Blocks available: Weeks 1-3, Weeks 6-8, Weeks 9-11

Applicants must be going into 12th grade in the fall. Completion of our CIT program is strongly recommended.

Application Process: Camper completes the application linked below. Upon application, we’ll schedule an interview.

Required Training: June 6

Payment: choose from $65/wk stipend or volunteer service hours for your school

Ages: 17 (or going into 12th grade)



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