Meet the Counselors-in-Training

Part counselor, part camper, our Counselors-in-Training are valuable leaders in the Tanadoona community.

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Who are our CITs?

As part of Tanadoona’s progressive leadership development program, the Counselor-in-Training program prepares youth to become future camp counselors. During the two week training, CITs participate in leadership and team-building exercises, receive training on camper care, health/wellness and activity planning. In the second week of the program, they work side-by-side with Tanadoona counselors, leading groups of Resident or Day Camp campers. Throughout the year, many CITs continue leadership training through the Teen Outdoor Leaders program.

Part counselor, part camper, Counselors-in-Training (many of whom have grown up through Tanadoona) are valuable leaders in our camp community. We asked a handful of this year’s CITs why Tanadoona is special to them. Here’s what they had to say.


“Tanadoona’s a wonderful example of how to accept people without boundaries.”  

“Everyone at Tanadoona is so welcoming. My first year, I felt so scared and small, but Tanadoona welcomed me with open arms.”

“I love how everyone comes together as one at camp — even though there are big age differences and a diversity of people.

“At Tanadoona, I’m able to do things I typically wouldn’t do at home like archery, rock climbing, canoeing, and kayaking — it helps take my mind off of worries and stress.”

“At camp, you gain so many friendships no matter who you are or where you come from.”

“At Tanadoona, you’re able to not think about the world outside. I’m not normally an outdoor person, but it’s calming here and it’s nice to be able to experience things that I wouldn’t normally.”