A Family Matter

Meet Dezzie, Trianna, and Luchianna. Each share a unique connection to Camp Fire.

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Some families camp together…

Others gather around the dinner table every night, attend the same schools, or play on sports teams together. For Dezzie and her daughters, Trianna and Luchianna, each build and share their personal sparks in Camp Fire Minnesota.

The trio live in Lincoln Place, an apartment complex in Mathomedi, MN, where Camp Fire Clubs provide youth with academic and nature-based, after-school programming. Trianna, the eldest of the daughters, has been attending club and summer camp at Tanadoona for 6 years; Luchianna, for 3 years. After years of seeing the impact Camp Fire Clubs had on her girls and their friends, Dezzie, an Assistant Manager at KinderCare during the day, wanted to be a part of our work. This fall, she became a Club Leader, working with Lincoln Place’s Camp Fire Teen Club twice a week.

All three have a reason for being a part of the Camp Fire Minnesota family – but we’d rather you hear it from them.

Luchianna, 9


“When I am at club I love to have fun with my friends and learn new things about the world. In the time I have been at Camp Fire, I have learned to be a leader. I’ve learned it’s better to give than to get. Ways I lead at Camp Fire are sharing, being kind, helping Miss Sara, my Club Leader, and being a good example to the other kids.  

 I love that I get to come to Camp Fire all year. It is my home.”

Trianna, 15


“Camp Fire helps me finish my homework on time and the leaders support me with my spark so much. When I grow up I would love to be an artist or fashion designer. One time I was able to teach a group of kids K – 5th grade how to make a 3D room. Being able to teach my younger friends made me feel responsible and they depended on me to be a good leader.”



“During the years, my kids have become more responsible, and more helpful because of Camp Fire. They have become leaders in not only my eyes, but also others around them. They have learned so much about nature and the world around us. My youngest has become more caring for others. She has also been very helpful when it comes to her friends. She loves that she learns about nature — she even tries to help me with my plants.

I wanted to become a Club Leader to give back to Camp Fire Minnesota. They have helped so many youth including my daughters. I’ve seen Camp Fire impact many of the youth and teens by having them come together and help each other, lead each other side by side.”