100 Years of Camp Fire Cookouts

There’s nothing quite like cooking over a crackling campfire!

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“I learned to swim, canoe, and sail at camp, made new friends by sharing all sorts of activities, learned to cook out-of-doors.” – Peggy Doerrie, alum

Whether toasting marshmallows for s’mores or making a Tonka Toaster meal, cooking over a campfire has been a cherished tradition at Camp Fire Minnesota from day one. Cookouts are a communal experience that draws us nearer to nature and our fellow campers! As we celebrate our 100th anniversary, we’re taking a delicious trip down memory lane and revisiting some historic recipes that have seasoned our campfires.

Join us in celebrating our anniversary – scroll through our Camp Fire Recipe booklet and find a new (or favorite!) recipe to try.

Want to have the chance to cook over a crackling campfire again? Join us for our Alumni Reunion on May 10th! This event is 18+ and includes day and overnight registration options.