Inclusion at Camp Fire: MESHI Coordinators & Sensory Kits

In celebration of Neurodiversity Week, learn how Camp Fire creates space to welcome all. 

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Have you heard about our MESHI Coordinators?

Each summer, we welcome MESHI (Mental, Emotional, Social Health, and Inclusion) Coordinators who offer another layer of support and expertise, and assist campers needing extra help adjusting to the camp environment.

MESHI Coordinators’ roles include:

•   Working alongside families to ensure young people’s camp experience is successful, MESHI Coordinators review health forms and offer support to families. Together, they create a strategy for campers with any mental health concerns, challenging behaviors, and previous trauma before campers arrive. Once the plan is created, they make sure the Camp Fire team is aware and ready to support.

•   Homesickness and new friendships can be scary and hard! MESHI Coordinators help campers navigate the anxiety new experiences can bring by creating a safe space for them to feel heard and validated.

•   Throughout the week, they coordinate care, communicate with families, and offer support wherever needed.

In 2022, we rolled out a new tool MESHI Coordinators utilize to support young people – sensory kits!

In sensory kits, you’ll find:

•   Youth and adult-sized ear defenders for campers to use in louder spaces to make them feel comfortable.

•   Sunglasses for when spaces get a little too bright.

•   Sand timers are visual goals to ease transitions from breaks or between activities.

•   A variety of fidgets to use as focus or processing tools.

•   Whiteboard for non-verbal communication and prompting.

•   A folder full of coloring sheets, crayons, and other writing materials to help youth work through those big feelings.


At Camp Fire, we focus on the experience, honoring the authentic self of each young person we welcome. Camp Fire staff are trained in best practices in youth development, including group management, social-emotional learning, trauma-informed care, safe and affirming environments, and inclusive and equitable youth programs. Learn more about our commitment to inclusion here.

Thank you to our partner, Allina Health Foundation, for making this program possible.