Inclusion at Camp Fire Minnesota



Camp Fire believes in the dignity and the intrinsic worth of every human being. We welcome, affirm, and support young people and adults of all abilities and disabilities, experiences, races, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, religion and non-religion, citizenship and immigration status, and any other category people use to define themselves or others. We strive to create safe and inclusive environments that celebrate diversity and foster positive relationships. All are welcome at Camp Fire.


Learn more about our commitment to inclusion and discover what that looks like in our programs below.

Our Commitment to Inclusion

At Camp Fire Minnesota, inclusion is one of our core values, and we strive to live that value every day. We believe that each young person should have the opportunity to engage in the outdoors freely and safely. To do that, it’s our responsibility to create a space where they can be their full authentic selves and be accepted for who they are.

Creating a welcoming and affirming environment requires intentionality and continuous learning, and un-learning. We won’t always get it right, but we are committed to showing-up with courage, engaging in thoughtful discussions, and taking action to create equitable and welcoming outdoor experiences.

As we invest in our property and continue to expand programs, creating a welcoming and inclusive experience is a top priority. You can see this commitment in action in a variety of ways when you engage in Camp Fire programs. And we’re developing an Inclusion Plan that will guide and hold us accountable along our journey.

Land Acknowledgement

As we occupy property in Excelsior and Grand Rapids, MN, we want to acknowledge that we are on Native land belonging to the Dakota and Ojibwe people – who are the original and rightful stewards of these grounds. We cannot ignore the painful history that has brought us to reside on this stolen land. We also acknowledge the ongoing resilience and thriving of the Dakota and Ojibwe people in spite of that history. Camp Fire Minnesota is committed to education and justice through our environmental programming, gatherings, and camp activities. It is critical that we stay mindful about what it means to occupy space and teach youth on Indigenous land.

Camp Name Change (May 2022)

In May 2022, we changed the name of our camp in Excelsior as part of our work to address past and current Native American cultural appropriation. Read the full statement here.

Inclusion at Summer Camp

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Inclusion at School-Based Programs

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