Take Action for More Young People to Experience Nature!

Support several critical projects that will have a significant positive impact on youth.

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May 8, 2023 – As we prepare to welcome campers back, we have exciting news to share! Camp Fire Minnesota has an opportunity to expand our impact by securing money through state bonding to support infrastructure development. We want to ensure that the 1,000 waitlisted youth can experience Camp Fire and funding will make this a reality! We are thankful to our State Representative Rehm, and our State Senator, Senator Coleman who authored this impactful bill, as well as Senator Morrison for their support.  

Included in the legislative request are several critical projects that will have a significant positive impact on young people and the environment, including increasing our access to the waterfront, adding bathrooms, and more programming space.  

With only two weeks until the end of the session, we invite camper families to reach out, share why this funding is so important and thank them for their support. With your help, we can ensure more youth experience the magic of camp! 

Below is an email template you can use, as well as their email addresses: 

Rep Rehm

Senator Coleman 

Draft Language: 

Thank you so much for your support of Camp Fire and authoring the Camp Fire funding bill. I am a proud camper parent, and my family has been able to experience Camp Fire programming firsthand. (ADD PERSONAL NOTE HERE).  

The demand for Camp Fire’s programming is high and I would love to see an expansion of the infrastructure of the property to allow for program growth. I know there are many legislative priorities right now and I ask that you prioritize the Camp Fire bill when bonding decisions are made in the coming weeks. 

Thanks for all that you do and for your support!