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Nature-based resources for play, wellness, and environmental education

Amid social distancing and schooling from home, it’s more important than ever that youth (and adults) spend time outdoors. It can be easy to rely on screens for activities and entertainment, however study after study proves that spending time outdoors can reduce stress, aid our immune system, improve academic outcomes, encourage us to be better stewards of the natural world, and so much more.

We see technology as a tool to encourage new outdoor experiences. That’s why we’re leafing through our hands-on, nature based activities and curriculum – and adapting them for easy, at-home use where you can set the screen aside and explore nature.

Educators and parents, follow My Nature Connection from Camp Fire for free resources, tips and activities for youth and teens — focused on nature-based play, health and wellness, and environmental education. And get outside!

For Educators

STEM and Environmenal Education lessons connected to MN State Education Standards.

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For Families

Designed to encourage play and spark curiosity about the natural world.

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