My Nature Connection for Educators

Nature-based resources for play, wellness, and environmental education

Educators, these nature-based lesson plans and activities are designed for you to use with your students.

We’ve adapted the same nature-based lesson plans we’d normally teach during after-school programs and field trips to suit a distance learning environment. All My Nature Connection lessons for educators are tied to MN State Education Standards and cover topics found within STEM and Environmental Education subject fields.


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Lesson Downloads

Nature Journal

Create and decorate a journal using found items from the outdoors while exploring nature and making scientific observations.  

Grades: K+ | Takes: 40-60min

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Animal Adaptation Superpowers

Create your own animals with realistic or imagined adaptations.

Grades: 1-5 | Takes: 40-60 min

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Water Filtration

Learn about pollution and design & build a water filter system from a homemade mixture.

Grades: 1-12 | Takes: 60-90 min

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Wind Energy

Learn about renewable energy and then build a model wind turbine (pinwheel), form a hypothesis, and test the design.

Grades: 1-12 | Takes: 50-60 min

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Learn about aquaponics and build a craft of this system that includes all of the symbiotic parts

Grades: 1-12 | Takes: 45 min

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Engineering Design

Become an engineering problem solver by designing and building a chair and a bridge using minimal everyday materials.

Grades: 2- 12 | Takes: 60-90 min

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Urban Agriculture

Gain an understanding of community gardens and their importance for communities.

Grades: 2-12 | Takes: 30 min

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Invasive Species

Learn about different terrestrial and aquatic invasive species and their threat to Minnesota landscapes.  

Grades: 3-8 | Takes: 30 min

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Baffling Botanists

Go on a virtual tour of the Tanadoona garden, learn about fruits and vegetables, and debunk misconceptions about them through a hands-on experiment.

Grades: 3-8 | Takes: 30-40 min

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Neighborhood Plant and Animal Exploration

Identify and research different species of plants and animals in nature with the aid of the iNaturalist app. 

Grades: 4+ | Takes: 30-40min

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Wildland Fire

Learn about the history, common causes, challenges and ways nature benefits from wildfire. 

Grades: 5-12 | Takes: 20-30 min

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Bird Migration

Learn about bird migration and some of the dangers that birds face on their journeys. Then create a bird migration map of a local area.

Grades: 5-12 | Takes: 40 min

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Hydrology and Dams

Gain a better understanding of the Importance of hydrology and take an online quiz to test your water footprint.

Grades: 5-12 | Takes: 20-30 min

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