What is Bunk1?

Bunk1 is an external service that provides a window into your camper’s adventures.

  • View and download photos through a Secure Summer Photo Gallery
  • Send letters to your camper through Bunk Notes (overnight camps only; not available on Northwoods trips)

An invitation code to join Bunk1 will be included in your “Get Ready for Camp” email – sent one week before your week of camp.

Step-by-step Guide:

Account set-up and how to choose a bundle package.

View Bunk1 Set-up Guide (pdf)

Account Set-up: how do I set up an account?

Follow this step-by-step guide.

You’ll start at: 

If you have questions, please email or call us to walk through the set-up.

(612) 235-7284

You can also contact Bunk1 directly for support: or (212) 974-9112

Account Set-up: where is my invitation code?

The Invitation Code will be in your “get ready for camp” email sent the week before camp.

If you do not receive this, please email or call and we’ll share the code.

(612) 235-7284

Account Set-up: does Bunk1 cost money?

Please see the Account Set-up Guide for step-by-step set-up and pricing (bundle) selection.

  • Viewing the photo gallery is free.
  • The only reason to purchase a bundle during set-up is if you plan to send Bunk Notes* to your camper. There is a fee to send Bunk Notes. Purchasing a bundle package during account set-up is the best price, however you can pay per Bunk Note (starting at $1 per Note) if you select the free bundle option during account set-up.
  • Specialty items (such as calendars, coffee mugs, etc.) and high-resolution photo downloads may be purchased later – pay per order with these items.

* Bunk Notes are not available for day campers

Photo Gallery: what are the features available?

Through the photo gallery you can:

  • Save favorite photos for easy access to pictures of your camper all year round.
  • Share photos to social media or email a photo to family & friends – for free.
  • Customize unique photo gifts such as photo books, mugs, calendars, phone cases and more.
  • Order high resolution digital downloads or prints for a fee.
  • Find your camper in photos more easily through face recognition when you upload a photo of your child to your Bunk1 account.

Photo Gallery: when are photos posted?

Camp Session Upload Days
Day Camps Tuesday, Friday, & the following week Monday
Mini-Resident Camp Tuesday, Friday, & the following week Monday
Resident Camps Tuesday, Friday, & the following week Monday
Adventure Trips* by Tuesday of the following week*
Leadership: Day Camp Assistant & Counselor in
Tuesday, Friday, & the follwoing week Monday

*Photos will be more limited for these sessions, as we do not have a camp photographer on these trips.

Please note, we occasionally have slow internet connection which can delay photo uploads. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Bunk Notes: how do I send a letter to my camper?

Only available for overnight campers.

Hearing from family throughout the week is a way to share updates and give your sleep-over camper comfort during their week at camp.

Submit your Bunk Note by 10am CST, and it will be delivered to your camper in the afternoon.

You can add photos, fun borders and games to your Bunk Note for an additional fee, but please note: Bunk Notes are printed in black and white only and campers will not be able to respond back.

Bunk Notes: can any camper get a Bunk Note?

Bunk Notes are available to Overnight Campers (Mini-Resident Camp, Resident Camp)

They are not available for Day Camps, Day Camp Assistant, or camps hosted at Camp Bluewater (Northwoods Adventure Canoe Trip or Teen Bluewater Getaway).

Bunk Notes: how does my camper respond to me?

At this time, campers are only able to send letters home the old-fashion way… paper, envelope and stamp. Campers can bring their letter to the office and it will go out in the next day’s mail. Please pack these supplies with your camper when arriving to camp.

If your camper is needing to talk to their family due to homesickness or other urgent matters, our staff will coordinate a call. In most cases we will try to redirect the camper from calling home when homesick, as a call often makes kids more homesick. Our goal is to help campers grow their independence and our staff have many methods to combat homesickness, which will be tried before a call home.

Is there a Mobile App?

There sure is! Search for “Bunk1” in App Store or Google Pay to download the free app.



Contact or (612) 235-7284