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Build camaraderie and collaboration within your group outdoors. We work with each group to develop a custom program around your specific goals and lead an experience that brings about conversation and ideas of how your group can work together better. And if your group is simply looking to have fun, we do that too!

What to Expect

  • Our Challenge Course is a progression of on-the-ground team-based elements/activities and high-challenge elements using cables, ladders, and ropes in the outdoors. Our programs foster a fun, safe, and positive environment in which individuals and groups work together to develop confidence, trust, support, communication, cooperation, and leadership skills.
  • Our programs use accredited safety systems and standards facilitated by well-trained, certified leaders to facilitate a fun, supportive and inspiring adventure.
  • We tailor programs to meet your specific organizational goals. A variety of adventure programs are offered to teachers, social workers, corporate groups, students, and other professionals seeking to utilize outdoor experiential training strategies, including high ropes courses, group initiative activities, and cooperative games for group team-building and personal growth programs.
  • Our Teambuilding Challenge Course focuses on building trust, leadership, communication, and goal-setting skills among the group. The course is made up of multiple elements or activities. The elements your team will participate in depend on the goals of your group.
  • Our High Ropes Course includes a rock wall, giant swing and a 30-foot-high cable course designed for teams to provide emotional and physical support to team members completing the challenge.
  • Groups are divided into smaller groups of 12 to 15, each led by a facilitator.
  • Your teambuilding day can range from two hours to a full day.

Goals of the Challenge Course

  • Provide an activity that groups will find challenging, exciting and fun.
  • Present group goals in a dramatic and memorable way.
  • Gain a better understanding of yourself and your team while you test your limits.
  • Learn more about trust as it pertains to our relationships with other people.
  • Build self-confidence.
  • Develop communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Challenge participants to step out of their comfort zones with support of the group.
  • Create an experience base to draw upon when faced with real-life challenges.

We follow a Choose Your Challenge Philosophy

Choose Your Challenge Philosophy

This concept of choice allows the participant to decide if he or she will participate in an activity or not, and it’s a philosophy used during all parts of our challenge course. Participants always have the choice to not continue or to participate in a different way at any point during the activity. However, spotters, anchors and rope tenders have the responsibility to continue doing their job until the climber is safely on the ground.

The facilitator may not force an individual to participate; however, the facilitator will encourage participants to step out of their comfort zones and at least challenge themselves in some way. The choice is always up to the individual.

If an individual chooses to not actively participate, he or she will be encouraged to play a supportive role, which could include spotting, communicating, anchoring or tending the rope. These roles will be explained at the beginning of the course during the introduction.

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