Summer Camp Pricing

We are so excited that you are choosing to send your camper to Camp Fire! Whether you are returning to camp or coming for the first time, we want to share more with you about our pricing structure and scholarship opportunities. If you research the costs of camps in Minnesota, you will see a wide range of camp prices, but one thing consistent across all camps is that the fees are rising. Camp Fire is committed to minimizing this impact on you and your family while setting our prices at a level that aligns with the rising costs of supplies, staffing, facilities, and more. If cost is ever a barrier, please apply for a scholarship.

Below we share what we prioritize as a camp to ensure that your camper has the best experience possible at Camp Fire!

Maintaining a high-quality summer camp experience for campers

Camp provides young people space to gain independence, develop relationship skills, appreciate differences in others, connect with nature, and, most importantly, be a kid.

  • Environmental Education programs included in summer camp are led by highly trained and experienced naturalists.
  • In order to keep camp safe, our staff participate in a 2-week staff training that includes safety orientations, CPR & First Aid, equity and inclusion trainings lead by professional trainers, group management and childhood development trainings, and more.
  • In response to the growing need for mental health support for young people, we hired 2 additional health care staff to help ensure campers who need extra support can get it – these staff focus on camper’s mental, emotional and social Health (referred to as MESH).

Providing fun for campers & high-quality equipment

At Camp Fire Minnesota you can be yourself, learn alongside friends and caring adults, and have fun in the outdoors. It’s the people at camp that make it truly special, but we also have plenty of fun activities and equipment!

  • Paddle boards
  • Kayak and canoes
  • Water Trampoline
  • Climbing wall, high ropes and bouldering wall (and comfortable safety equipment)
  • Quality archery equipment
  • Art supplies and tie dye for every camper
  • Nature playscape

Recruiting & retaining highly qualified staff

We are committed in recruiting and retaining highly qualified staff to deliver a superior camp experience for campers. All sectors are experiencing staffing shortages. In order to recruit and retain high quality camp staff we must pay our staff equitable wages which will help us to ensure we are properly staffed and able to run a safe and fun program for campers.

  • Summer camp counselors have historically earned extremely low wages and summer camps are exempt from paying minimum wage to overnight camp staff. This model of staffing is no longer relevant or effective today. Working as an equitable partner for future leaders, our camp counselors make minimum wage or higher.
  • Camp is a unique space where young people get to engage with people from around the world. As we welcome international counselors, we are committed to paying our staff fairly.
  • In recent years, staffing costs alone have increased by over $200,000.