They Met at Camp

We hear it all the time.

Camp is a place where someone found their best friend, bonded with a favorite counselor, or connected with someone they might never have met otherwise. Just ask Dave and Sandy Kvamme.

The two met at a summer camp in Lacey, Washington. Sandy, in seventh grade at the time, remembers Dave as “really cute! He was a football player and really fun to hang out with”.

Somewhere between connecting over their shared interest in sports (Sandy was a soccer player) and water skiing, the two began dating. Both attended camp from 7th through 12th grade but, since they lived far away from each other, Dave would often spend the weekends with Sandy’s family. “We lived about an hour apart and wouldn’t have met had we not both attended camp”, says Sandy.

When asked about their favorite part of summer camp, the two talk about the friendships they formed. For Dave and Sandy, like for many others, camp is a place where relationships, of every kind, grow.


It was this connection to camp that peaked their interest in Tanadoona. As neighbors of the property, Dave and Sandy decided to visit and they were “captivated by the 100+ acres of forests and fields that make up Tanadoona”.

Since that initial visit, the Kvammes have become passionate supporters of The Great Tana-re-doona, Camp Fire Minnesota’s campaign to build a new Community & Dining Center at Tanadoona. In addition to donating to the campaign, they are also helping other Lake Minnewashta neighbors invest in their community by supporting Tanadoona.

“We love Tanadoona and want to see it restored and enhanced,” says Dave. “We believe our gift will help ensure that kids of all backgrounds can continue to learn and grow at Tanadoona for years to come.”

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