Meet the 2019 Counselors-in-Training

We asked a handful of this summer’s CITs why Tanadoona is special to them. Read what they had to say.

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Who are our CITs?

As part of Tanadoona’s leadership development program, the Counselor-in-Training program prepares youth to become future camp counselors. During the two week training, CITs participate in leadership and team-building exercises, receive training on camper care, health/wellness and activity planning. In the second week of the program, they work side-by-side with Tanadoona counselors, leading groups of campers. Throughout the year, many CITs continue leadership training through the Teen Outdoor Leaders program.

Part counselor, part camper, Counselors-in-Training (many of whom have grown up through Tanadoona) are valuable leaders in our camp community. We asked a handful of this summer’s CITs why Tanadoona is special to them. Here’s what they had to say.

“When I’m in nature, I love just getting to look at everything, like the bugs — watching how they move, where their habitats are, and seeing how they live in their environments. Taking it all in at once is really relaxing.”  

“My favorite part about coming to Tanadoona is seeing returning friends and counselors because you can re-tell stories that only the two of you can bond over.”

“I like the freedom of Tanadoona. There’s just you and the smell of the trees, the bird flying around. It’s a peaceful, warming place — I hope a lot more people can experience it.

“My favorite part about coming to Tanadoona is meeting new people from all over the world. It’s not just like a regular camp where you see the same people and you don’t get to learn much about who they are or where they’re from. Tanadoona’s different.”

“I wanted to be a CIT this year because I really like helping out with kids and I’m just a helpful person by nature. It’s always really fulfilling to come here and help carry the load and help counselors with everything. It’s also a great volunteer opportunity for colleges and the counselors are also really welcoming and friendly.”

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