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Free Nature Webinars

Join our team of Naturalists for a free webinar designed for youth and their families to bring a bit of Tanadoona to your home and learn something new about the nature around you!

Register online. We’ll send you a zoom link for your chosen webinar. We’ll be live with you all, so feel free to turn on your camera so we can see you too (of course keep it off you like). With some webinars, we’ll share a downloadable PDF – use if you like, but they will not required for participation.

Please note: If your chosen webinar does not meet minimum registration numbers, it may be cancelled or postponed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Snow Problem! Get Your Family Outdoors in the Winter

4-part webinar series exploring winter and how to get outside to experience winter safely.

12:30-1:00pm CST
January 6, 2021 – snow & ice exploration
February 10, 2021 – history of surviving MN winters
March 10, 2021 – how animals spend their winter
April 7, 2021 – winter to spring

* register for each individually


4-part webinar series: Snow Problem! Get Your Family Outdoors in the Winter

* register for each individually


January 6, 2021: snow & ice exploration

Brr, it’s time to learn more about what falls from the sky in the winter! Explore the science behind snowflakes, make a snowflake craft, and learn some outdoor games that are fun to play in the wintertime with your family.

Snowflake Lesson (15-20 min)

  • My Nature Connection: science behind snowflakes
  • Follow along to make your own snowflake craft

Live from outdoors at Tanadoona: how to build snow structures outside and snow games (15-20 min)


February 10, 2021: history of surviving Minnesota winters

Learn about how the first Minnesotans managed to stay warm during the winter and compete in a relay race to see who can get dressed for the cold weather the quickest!

History of Minnesota Winters (15-20 minutes)

  • How did Native people spend their winters
  • How did pioneers spend their winter
  • How we stay warm today

Dress for the Weather Relay Race: have your outdoor gear ready to go! (15-20 minutes)


March 10, 2021: how animals spend their winter

It’s cold out there! Do you ever wonder how animals survive the long winters? Explore how animals adapt to the seasons around the world and become a nature detective to discover what animals live in your area.

How animals adapt to cold weather. Animals in similar climates around the globe develop similar adaptations. (15-20 minutes)

  • Fur
  • Blubber
  • Hibernation
  • Convergent Evolution

Live from outdoors at Tanadoona: looking for animal signs in the snow – tracks, nests, etc. (15-20 min)

  • Become a Nature Detective: bring a notebook to write down the signs you find and use clues to guess what happens!


April 7, 2021: winter to spring

The seasons they are a-changing. Learn why the transition from winter to spring occurs and search for signs of spring with your very own “spring-0” (spring bingo) sheet.

How do plants and animals change with the seasons? (15 minutes)

  • Planets orbit and tilt
  • New plants budding
  • Bird Songs
  • Animals waking up from hibernation

Live from outdoors at Tanadoona (and at home later!): Spring-o outdoor scavenger hunt for signs of spring (15 minutes)

  • Make your own bingo sheet… or for those who register we’ll email you one!