More than a role model, volunteers ignite lifelong sparks.

Volunteer interest form

We believe it’s both a privilege and a responsibility to create a safe space for all youth to discover their unique spark so that their future will glow brighter.

As a volunteer at a Camp Fire club, you:

  • provide the opportunity for youth to develop and build positive relationships with caring adults and peers,
  • assist with school homework, and
  • support club leaders in program activities (indoor and outdoor).

To support youth in building positive relationships with adults, we ask that volunteers commit to a regular schedule at their club for a minimum of six months. Most clubs meet for two hours between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m.

If you are passionate about helping youth discover their spark, complete the interest form below. We will contact you to discuss available volunteer opportunities.

  • Are you volunteering for a school project or school credit? If so, please list the requirements of both the student and the volunteer supervisor.