Camp Fire Minnesota Patches

We’re excited to introduce a new patches program focusing on character development! Over the years that a camper attends and progresses from day to resident camps, they will earn various components that, when completed, will create the Camp Fire Minnesota logo. Each of the patches (logo icons) represents values of Camp Fire Minnesota  – values that campers will learn about and can make their own.


Meaning of each patch


Welcome to the Camp Fire Minnesota community! All first-year campers receive a paddle for being a part of the magic of Camp Fire.


The leaf patch represents our Eco-Warrior Campers!  At Camp Fire Minnesota, an Eco-Warrior is a camper that cares for and respects nature and the environment.  This is the foundation of Camp Fire Minnesota and is the base for everything we teach, do and say at Camp Fire. Campers earning this patch will demonstrate good stewardship of our natural world.


The fish patch represents the importance of inclusion and accepting everyone for who they are. Just like a school of fish involves every fish because it makes their community stronger, campers earning the fish patch will bring a welcoming attitude and reach out to others at camp to help all feel welcome. Our goal is that everyone feels a sense of belonging at Camp Fire, not just fitting in.


A tribute to Camp Fire’s history… the bluebird patch represents being part of the community and providing service to others in our community. Campers earning the Bluebird patch understand the importance of giving back and bringing joy to their community, whether it’s their cabin group, all campers at Camp Fire, or their larger community like sports team, class at school, or neighborhood.

"My Spark" Campfire

The “my spark” patch focuses on helping campers discover and ignite their unique spark. At Camp Fire, we want to provide opportunities for campers to learn new things about themselves and discover new skills and passions. Campers earning this patch will push themselves to their limits, try new activities, make new friends and ask good questions.

"Camp Fire Minnesota"

The “Camp Fire Minnesota” patch is earned by those completing the Counselor in Training (CIT) program.


The “Northwoods” patch is earned by the most adventurous campers who head North to our Camp Bluewater located in the Chippewa National Forest for a Northwoods Adventure Canoe Trip or a Teen Bluewater Getaway.

How it works

By demonstrating the value during camp, campers will earn a patch and build their own full Camp Fire Minnesota logo patch. Campers will earn one patch a year – even if you attend multiple weeks in one summer.

First year (2018), all campers will earn a paddle.

Next years:

  • Residential campers will have a chance to earn one of the other 5 patches depending on the camp they do and what value the cabin group wants to focus on during the week. At the end of the week, each camper will decide if they deserve the patch and explain why to the group. Those who determine they deserve it, will be presented the patch at the closing ceremony in their small groups with parents present.
  • Day campers can earn character cards every day.  Each day focuses on a different value. Their counselor will write how the camper exemplified that theme at some point during the day. This card will go in their backpack to be shared with their family at the end of the day!