Northwoods Adventure Trip to Camp Bluewater


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Embark on the ultimate journey with our Northwoods Adventure Camp. A Northwoods Adventure to Tanadoona's sister camp, Camp Bluewater, is fun and challenging, but most of all it creates memories and new friendships that will last a lifetime. Up at Camp Bluewater the lake is a little bit clearer, the stars are a little bit brighter and the adventure is just right.


Campers will find each bend of Bluewater Lake beautiful and inviting as they canoe and portage a chain of lakes within the Chippewa National Forest.

We’ll start the week at Tanadoona preparing our meals and
mapping out the journey with two certified Northwoods
Specialists. Next, we’ll hit the road and head north to Camp
Bluewater just past Grand Rapids, MN. After one night in
Bluewater Lodge, we’ll embark on a 4-day canoe and camping trip through a chain of lakes camping out at established Forest Service camping sites.

Only the best of the best counselors lead our Northwoods Adventure Trips. They each hold CPR, lifeguard
and wilderness certifications.


Space is limited to 12 campers per trip. Offered just 3 weeks, so don’t delay. Register for this unique campout early!


Photos from Northwoods Adventure Trips




Check-in: Sunday 1-2 p.m.

Check-out: Friday 4:30 - 5:15 p.m.

Closing Ceremony: 4:00 p.m. Friday








July 10-15

Northwoods Adventure




July 31 - Aug 5

Northwoods Adventure




August 14-19

Northwoods Adventure






Thanks to the Lorraine E. Anderson Scholarship and generous Camp Fire donors, we're able to offer full and partial scholarships for campers interested in our Northwoods Adventures to Camp Bluewater. Download scholarship application


Transportation is provided for all Northwoods Adventure campers. Meet at Tanadoona on Sunday between 1 - 2 p.m.


Packing for Northwoods Adventure

Please clearly label your camper's items.

Bring a duffel bag, backpack or other soft bag to put all items in. Please no hard roller suitcases.

Avoid cotton as much as possible. Cotton will not keep you warm if it gets wet!

[ ] Sleeping bag – avoid bulky sleeping bags if possible
[ ] Socks/Underwear – pair for each day
[ ] Shorts – 2 pairs
[ ] Long Pants
[ ] Tank top/tee shirts – 3

[ ] Long sleeve shirt – 1

[ ] Sweatshirt/ heavy fleece – 1 (not cotton)
[ ] Rain jacket and pants – or heavy-duty ponchos*
[ ] Sleepwear
[ ] Swimsuit

[ ] Sturdy sandals or wet shoes
[ ] Sturdy hiking shoes/boots

[ ] Toothbrush, toothpaste, chap stick
[ ] Flashlight with extra batteries
[ ] Sunscreen and bug spray (please avoid aerosol)
[ ] Towel - not too big
[ ] Reusable water bottle
[ ] Filled water bottle

[ ] Hat/Sunglasses



[ ] Camera

[ ] Pre-addressed and Stamped Postcards

[ ] Book


Leave at Home

Ø Valuables of any sort
Ø Personal Sports Equipment

Ø Vehicle
Ø Portable Music Devices

Ø Flip-flops

Ø Pocket knives
Ø Cell phones

Ø Handheld video games

Ø Electrical devices such as hair dryer or curling iron

Ø Animals

No alcohol, drugs, or weapons are allowed on camp property.

Photo: Lake Bluewater